Using Winscp To Upload Files To A cPanel Server

This article will explain how to use Winscp to upload files from a Windows based computer (Workstation or Server) to a server that is running the cPanel control panel. Since Winscp using SSH, it is more secure than using a standard FTP application. Combining this with our article on how to disable the FTP server in cPanel will help to make your server more secure.

  1. You will need to download Winscp to your Windows workstation or server if you do not already have it installed. You can download it from Download the file and install it or you can also download the portable executable, which requires no installation.
  2. Now that you have Winscp, you will now need to make sure that your cPanels users have the ability to use SSH. By default only the "Admin or Root" user has the ability to SSH. So  you will need to log into your cPanel control panel and click on  "Manage Shell Access", which is located under the Account Functions section.
  3. cpanel_scp1

  4. Once at the Manage Sheel Access section, you will need to choose your account and specify "Jailed Shell" for the SSH ability. Doing so will allow your FTP user to use Winscp to connect to your server.
  5. cpanel_scp2

  6. Now you can use Winscp. Simply open up the program and once it is opened, click on "New". This will let you configure your connection to the server. You will need to specify the IP Address / Host Name, User, Password and SSH port if you changed it. Once you have finished you can hit  "Login". Alternatively you can also click "Save" so you don't have to type this all over again.
  7. cpanel_scp3

  8. If done correctly, Winscp will proceed to connect to your server and will now display a screen, similar to an FTP program. You can drag and drop files from the local connection to your remote connection and vice versa.
  9. cpanel_scp4

  10. When you have finished with your connection, goto Session and click on disconnect.

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