How to manage DNS records for the domain from the client area

Please follow below given steps to manage/add DNS records (A, cname, or MX, etc) for the domain from the client area.

1. Login to the client area at the URL
2. Click on My Domains under Domains tab
3. Click on Manage Domain using drop down list for desired domain
4. Click on Manage DNS/DNS Management left-hand side panel
5. Click on Add Record button, here you need to select DNS record Type like A, CNAME, TXT, MX, CAA etc
6. Enter the domain name and make sure to add dot (.) at the end of the domain name. Note: dot (.) need to add in name field while adding new records for domain.
7. Update TTL value 3600 or as per your requirement.
8. Enter desired DNS record that you wish to update your domain and save changes.

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