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DNS, IP Addresses and Parking

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Domain Name Contacts

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Domain Name Disputes

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Information, articles and guides relating to the Fluccs Identity Reseller program

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Managing Your Domain

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Member IDs and Passwords

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Registration Guidelines

Registry, Registrar, Registrant. What are they??? 0

Registry, Registrar, Registrant. What are they???

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Renewing Your Domain Name

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Searching for Domain Names

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Transfer from another Registrar

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What is WhoIs?


 What does a Domain Name consist of?

A Domain Name will consist of two or more words separated by a period. For example:...

 What is a Domain Name?

Your Domain Name or web address signifies your own address on the Internet. It is a unique...

 What is a Top-Level Domain (TLD)?

A top-level domain is the suffix that is attached to the end of a Domain Name. .com, .net and...

 Why do I need to register a Domain Name?

You should register a Domain Name for a number of reasons: They are scarce. Internet Domain...

 Why were Domain Names or web addresses developed?

Domain Names correspond to a series of numbers called Internet protocol numbers that serve as...