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 Adding Redirect

To add a redirect, follow these steps:1. In the Domains section of the cPanel home screen, click...

 Changing Email Password through cPanel

1. Log into cPanel.2. In the Mail section, click the Email Accounts icon.3. To the right of the...

 Changing PHP version for website

Below are the steps to change the PHP version:1. Login to cPanel2. Under Software Section  >...

 Checking Bandwidth Usage

Your bandwidth usage is the sum total of all traffic from and to your account on the server,...

 Checking Disk Space Usage

Your disk space usage is the sum total of all data in your account including emails, databases...

 Create CSR from cPanel

 Enable modsecurty using cPanel

1. Login to cPanel2. Under Security, click on 'ModSecurity' > On

 How to Adjust Email Quota in cPanel

1. Log into cPanel.2. Navigate to the Email section.3. Select the Email Accounts icon.4. Scroll...

 How to flush the DNS cache on Windows or Mac ?

To flush DNS cache in Microsoft Windows, perform the following steps :- - Start -> Run ->...

 How to perform a Traceroute

Perform a Trace RouteA trace route attempts to report on the current status of an internet...

 How to perform a Traceroute on a Mac

To perform a Traceroute on a Mac simply perform the following steps: - From your hard-drive,...

 How to perform a Traceroute with WinMTR

Step 1 – DownloadThe latest version is 0.91. Download WinMTR now!Step 2 – InstallationYou...

 Is my site or the server down?

If your site or server appears down, there could be several reasons that could be causing this....