Check if IP is Blocked, How to Unblock it from Client Area

If you are hosted on a WHM/CPanel server with our Server Management package your servers you are setup with a Firewall software called "CSF" for short, (Config Server Firewall). So if you find that you can visit the world wide web "EXCEPT" it would seem for your web site, your webmail, your cPanel or just about anything to do with your web site, your IP could in fact be blocked, this normally happens after you have tried to login to your cPanel, or webmail a number of times and failed.

We are going to show you how to get unblocked using our "Firewall Module", you can just go to your Client Area  and in a few minutes and with a few key strokes you can check if you are blocked and unblock yourself.

Let's start from the point that you have logged into that client area, if you do not know how or remember how to login to your client area see the article on "How to Login to The Client Area".

First click on the link "My Services". Once on the My Services page, If you have multiple accounts find the account listed on the page and look for the "View Details" icon to the right of the listing and Click on it. That will take you to the account details page.You will then see a tab button that reads "Firewall Control".

Click the button and you will find out if you are in fact currently being blocked from the server and for what reason and you will find another button to request to be unblocked. If you are not being Blocked you would have been informed that you were not BLOCKED and no button would have been available.

If you were being blocked and you requested the block be lifted you would now see notice that your request was a success and will be lifted in a short period of time. Once that time period has passed you should be able to view your web site, send and receive emails and all other services should be operational again.

If you think one of your clients is blocked first get them to go to to obtain their local IP and then enter this IP into the check field and follow the same steps as to check for your own IP address

Services should then be operational however if they are not, contact us by submitting a support ticket for more assistance.

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