Is my site or the server down?

If your site or server appears down there is quite a few reasons that could be causing it

We suggest before opening a ticket in the help desk you check the following things:

Down For Everyone or Just Me?

go to and type in your domain name and see what the results say.

If you are on one of our shared hosting servers and the site says its down for everyone then check the server announcements forum for your server at the Community Forums for any server or network outage notices, as we alert clients via the forums in the event of any outages or issues. Please dont open a ticket in the helpdesk if we have posted an announcement affecting the network or your server.

If it says its down just for you, then it may be your IP address has become blocked in the servers firewall. Before submitting a ticket to the helpdesk please visit and copy down the IP address it displays and let us know this IP in the ticket, as this can speed up our response to you.

You can also try running a traceroute from a command prompt on your PC or check with your ISP for any network problems

VPS, Dedicated & Colocation Clients

Ty checking your site at first.

You may also wish to try one of the 3rd party test sites such as , ,

These sites have powerful diagnostic tools and tests to help diagnose any problems.

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